"We took him to the Dog park today. He was really good. He is so friendly and good natured. He even likes to get bathed when he gets dirty. He doesn't mind.

He has one frequent friend that goes to the park with him. They get along great."

"Well, what a sweetheart he is! Definitely a keeper!

I can't believe how easily *puppy* has settled in already and how relaxed he is. We've only been home two hours! *puppy* has already checked out the main floor rooms, played with 2 new toys, had lots of cuddles, and is now stretched out on the bed beside me getting ready for a snooze and maybe a little t.v. before bed.

You can really tell that he is a very smart little pup - he doesn't miss a thing!

Amazing little guy... a real testament to his upbringing!!"

"Just a note to assure you that *husband* and *puppy* are bonding very well. They do almost everything together. If *husband* moves *puppy* is right by his side. If *husband* goes out to the truck to get something *puppy* stands on the step and waits for him, if he is not back in a minute I have to tell him that *husband* will be right back. *husband* has started to walk every day and *puppy* walks proudly beside him. *husband* was putting *puppy*'s harness on and *puppy* lifts up his legs one at a time, lifts his head up to go through and then looks at his leash and out they go. All is well."

"Hope this message finds you well.

*Puppy* continues to be the centre of our family - acquiring a number of new toys at Christmas [including a stuffed duck, which is almost as big as him]. I have never met a dog that loves to play with toys as much as *puppy*. Once again *puppy* appears to be contrary to the "Chin" characteristics - loving to walk in the cold weather, eating snow and running top speed through snow drifts. Quite honestly, I could see *puppy* playing outside all day - if he were allowed.

Again, we've had lots of people stop us and remark at how cute *puppy* is....of course, as *puppy* has gotten older he has become more adventureous with meeting people and other dogs.

Take care and I will try to send pictures soon."

"I visited the puppies a bit before Christmas, and was impressed at the great condition of their coat. I know they are naturally a clean breed, but they looked and felt as if they'd just been bathed. They were also very lively, happy pups, obviously well-cared for." - dog groomer

"My husband commented last night that *puppy* appears to have completely settled after only a few days and is fast taking control of the house. As *child* and I expected, *husband* thinks *puppy* is really special and a lot of fun to have around."

"You must be so proud of your puppies!"

"i really love this dog .. she is pretty cute and smart"

"*puppy* is a real sweetheart and we love her."

"*puppy* and *japanese chin* are good buddies now - they often nap together."

"They both (*puppy* and *japanese chin*) combine going outside to pee and the pads. Not one accident in the house!"

"Thank you so much for *puppy*!! We love him."

"We have taken him for 2 walks around the block and he loves them!! He is very good, and walks right beside me the whole way. I am teaching him to sit and come when i call. He is catching on quickly"

"*puppy* is doing great! He has adjusted very very well to our home."

"So far, *puppy* has taken a liking to me. He follows me everywhere around the house"